Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Time flies!

Wow! I had no idea I hadn't made one post in the entire month of June! I have never said I was a writer though!
Things have been a bit busy in June! I had several custom orders from my fan page to complete as well as being a full time mom and a part time Hallmark employee! I was so excited about the orders from my fan page! So far that has generated more business for me than my Etsy page! I hope that continues into July and beyond!

A fellow Etsian, Miss Jennifer of FenniBird asked if she could use my contest idea. I of course gave her permission! You should check her out! She is using the contest idea and is also giving away a really cute pendant!

My facebook page is currently at 97 fans! I am excited to reach 100 and really excited to be getting closer to 200! I am really hoping to give away the necklace before fall. I did have a silly notion that it would go much faster than this! Not sure what else to do. I really want to help my fans out for hanging in there seeing it is taking so long. I may have to post the idea in my etsy teams discussions. It may generate some lookers!

I do have a coupon to my etsy shop this week only! You can enjoy 15% off in my etsy shop until July 9th! Just use coupon code ETSY15 at the check out!

Well, back to my desk to make some more rings! Maybe tomorrow I can take some new pictures of what I have done!
Thank you all for your time!
Have a great week!


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