Thursday, April 7, 2011


Crazy how these things work. Someone suggested that I start a blog and here I am. Not much of a writer myself, but here we go!
Let me introduce myself! I am a mother of two wonderful children! For 12 years I was an in home child care provider. This allowed me to stay home with my children and provided a safe, fun environment for other children while their parents went to work. While the children were napping or at the end of my long days and weeks I would create jewelry! Wire Jewelry!
I began this art when I was working part time for an Arts and Crafts store. I have always loved jewelry and found myself constantly looking at things I wanted. I am allergic to metal, so the things I "wanted" were not a reality for me. To find that I could make my own was fascinating! I didn't enjoy stringing but I found the wire spools intriguing! So.. I picked them up, bought me some tools and off I went!
I am completely self taught and still perfecting my craft! I enjoy working with wire so much that I find myself dreaming of little things to create! I keep a notebook and sketch designs daily! Some things turn out to be. Some things stay on the paper!
Many friends and family have enjoyed jewelry that I have given as gifts for years until one day someone suggested that I should sell. After trying my hand at a few craft shows and consignment shops I decided to give it a go at Etsy! I am also beginning a home jewelry party business. I have had a few shows and they all did surprisingly well!
Which brings me to this blog! So I am out there now! Excited, nervous and completely scared.
I'm putting myself out for the world to see! And for a stay at home mom/ in home child care provider that is a very curious place to be!

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